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Welcome to my personal website. My name is Vincenzo and I was born in Palermo (Sicily) in March 1980. In November 2006 I moved for professional reasons to Modena where I met and married Ilaria; in August 2009 my beautiful son Mattia was born; after 9 years, in July 2018 my wonderful daughter Anna is born.

I love the PC and the whole world revolves around them. I love Linux, particularly Debian Distro;

My hardware infrastructure includes a RaspberryPI 3 with a static IP address at home to use as a test machine. They have also two Linux VPS they run on my websites, the websites of my clients, my app and my dedicated e-mail server;

I love PHP and MySQL, working with these languages for over 15 years.

Since 2010 I started studying Objective-C fundamental language for programming iOS and MacOS applications. This allowed me to publish on Apple store several personal applications and developed on behalf of clients.

Latest Projects

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itrackingapp.com - Website

Official website of the application iTracking.

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accardi.eu - Website

Official site of the craftsman silversmith "Piero Accardi", a showcase of the restoration work and design of the historical workshop from Palermo.

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iTracking - iOS, macOS, Android App

iTracking is the perfect application to check at all times the status of their shipments arriving or departing. Ideal for buyers, good for sellers.

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GLS Tracking - iOS App

With the app GLS you will receive, in real time, the location information of your domestic and international shipments directly to your smartphone. To stay updated on your expeditions.

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LinceGSM - iOS App

LinceGSM allows remote management of the central EUROPLUS series, GR868 and GOLD via SMS in phone dialer; They are compatible with APP and phone dialers GSM MINITRIS series, TRISGSM, EUROTRIS and GOLD.

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Work Experience

Warehouse Operative - BRT s.p.a. (Nov 2010 - Present)

Organization and control inventories of goods warehouse; Management and organization of professional drivers, for the distribution and collection of goods from the customers; Incorporation of these new drivers and supervision and control of their performance; Technical support and training; Analysis of data and reports.

Equipment Administration Clerk - Coca Cola HBC Italia s.r.l. (Apr 2010 - Nov 2010)

Management of cold drink equipment used by Coca-Cola HBC Italia (coolers, distributors, vending machines) as regards the installation, service, maintenance and administration. DDT production, contracts for installation, removal and transfer of plant. Management survey equipment owned by others (Carlsberg Italia), including the creation of registries, use of SAP transactions for checking and monitoring the work.

MKTG, BPM & P&D Dpt. - Gruppo Randazzo - OptissimO & Corner Optique (Oct 2006 - Feb 2010)

MKTG Dpt: Product data management, coding, orders, supplier, support PoS, realization enterprise reporting, indicators and budgets. BPM & P&D Dpt: Organization of business processes, their analysis, their understanding and their improvement. Optimize workflow between headquarters and stores.